Potentials of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in Events

Virtual reality and augmented reality have proved the effectiveness of bridging digital world and the reality we live in these past years. And the use cases of these technologies still continue to improve in business, entertainment, and even in events. These are used to deliver and connect ideas to people through a unique digital experience. As a result, it creates a higher level of attendee interaction and serves as a creative canvas for brand storytelling. Thanks to the recent development from AppleGoogle, and Snapchat, this trend will surprise everyone for its notable potentials to boom in the upcoming years.

A New World to Discover with Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality immerses your reality with a virtual one where you can simulate real-life experiences just as much as the impossible situations. This requires using special headsets and controllers that stimulate senses and trick the brain you’re in another reality. You can test drive a car (like how you would in real) and learn how to drive in a virtual world without risking safety and damage control. Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear, HTC Vive and Google Cardboard are some of the top virtual reality devices you can try.

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If you want to know more so you understand how this works, we recommend you to read this greatly detailed post.

An Interactive Dimension with Augmented Reality

Popularized by empowering apps Pokémon Go and Snapchat filters, Augmented Reality enhances the real world through objects or characters that are “augmented” by computer-generated information. These augmented objects interact in the present reality. You can wear luxury watches on your hand and choose your desired one before buying just like what Tissot Watches did. Might as well watch a character pop out of a shirt that moves around when you look through an iPad like Marks and Spencers launched. Common AR devices are mobile phones and tablets which has over three billion units in the world. (insert pics of common devices)

marks and spencers
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Use cases of VR and AR that you absolutely don’t want to miss

To learn how you can leverage these trending technologies in events, you have to understand how these can affect individuals. Science says the brain remembers 10 % of what it reads,  20% of what it hears, 90% of what it does after a week. Thus, if the goal is to sell an idea, an experience is the perfect way to convince or win the attention of your attendees.

Mixed reality (the use of both virtual reality and augmented reality) triggers almost every sense which makes it easier to reach out to people. It also transforms information into knowledge. Information is the processed data but knowledge is the information gained through experience. Virtual reality and augmented reality therefore, offer a unique experience for everyone that intends people to learn, feel and process even new ideas. Below are the use cases for event organizers who desire to turn events more engaging.

Bring in a Virtual Reality Demo

Bringing a virtual reality demonstration of your product or service allows your attendees to bring home a satisfying experience. Car companies such as Ford, Mazda, Tesla, and Hyundai are some of the examples that successfully pulled off a VR test-drive demo. You get a specialized VR headset gear and you’re driving in a different world (like how you would in real). A fun and safe activity even for people who plan to buy a car but still learning to drive. Hence, less accountability and less liability. Also, it is a massive help for brand awareness and entertainment – like hitting two birds with one stone.  We know your budget is always tight but now there’s no excuse that you lack the traveling budget or can’t get cross borders approval.

Take Augmented Reality to Fashion and Showrooms

Events as prestigious as the New York Fashion Week invested in transforming an ordinary fashion show to a futuristic one. Got you curious? It may look like a regular stage but when you look at it through a tablet or an iPad, you’ll see digital objects layered everywhere. This will also work for gala and auction events. Imagine all the tasks you have to do in a limited time. 

One wise compromise for this is to create a virtual reality showroom which a good location, a set of VR equipment and a sumptuous course of meals are all you need to think of. Save money on logistics, permits, security and other related expenses and avoid spending too much time on carrying out delayed processes. No need to worry about losing the items for they only exist virtually. Instead of exposing these luxury pieces to everyone, you can just create a VR showroom with all the luxury pieces ready to be sold.

Save the best experience for VIPs

Let’s all be honest. Events are not only for a social gathering or brand awareness but also for encouraging potential business partners and attracting clients too. Of course, all of your attendees are special guests. But at every event there are VIPs and you can’t forget to save them a seat or give them a special privilege.

Imagine organizing a big event and allowing all of your guests to do the Virtual and Augmented Reality demo in a 3-hour duration of the event. And in order to get the best of the demo, it has to be experienced at least 5 minutes per person. So, within that 3 hours, only 36 people can do the demo for 5 minutes. Who would you want to give that experience to? As event organizers, it is a duty to make sure your most important guests get the most out of the event and get your VIPs the WAAOW effect they deserve.

Manage a VIP demo list

Our event experts recommend you to create an event on Eventor app to manage the VIP Guest that you know are coming for the demo. You can even give them a time slot and keep track of that under the description.

The goal is not just about increasing sales. More like gaining the trust in the company and the products being presented to the market. Since events are always busy, event organizers surely need a tool to track and monitor event attendees. You know, to save seats and give free demos to the VIPs first before the rest of the crowd.

Eventor is a great companion for event organizers. Basically, the app helps you check in guests quickly. It even notifies through a text message if your VIPs have arrived. Run a separate list for the Demo to make sure all your VIPs have tried it! Spare the threes! Save your worries though if you’ve never used this app before, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Our team will help you make your event big and unforgettable!

Virtual and Augmented Reality Equipment Rental in Switzerland

There is no other way to experience this than to try it for yourself. Investing in VR and AR equipment is tricky as the hardware is constantly evolving. Mind you, it’s not a practical idea to just jump in without testing the water so you might consider a day or two renting for this equipment.

Don’t worry because you can check ClickOn, the developer of the Eventor app. They supported this trend since the beginning and still believes that this will continue to take on and transform globally the way of events and attendee interaction.

They are offering VR and AR equipment rental at a reasonable price for a local deal. From the HTC Vive,  VR Set up to the Microsoft Hololens headset they will surely have what you are looking for. In fact, they also offer an assessment if you intend to use it for business purposes or events.

Virtual Reality Event Location for Everyone

Why not check out Fusion Arena? Definitely recommended as an exquisite event location. In there, you can run a demo with more than 7 people in the same virtual reality!  This is a  trend everyone would love. Fusion Arena is an arcade and VR haven on Earth.

Bring along your prestige guests and give them a unique and ultimately fun experience. Give your guests a valuable takeaway and just get lost in the beauty of the wonders of the world without traveling further than to a local mall in Zürich. (Another provider is near if you are not located in Switzerland.)

The Takeaway

These technologies are two of the ultimate man-made inventions that continuously create an impact in several industries. It’s not enough to just gather event attendees through a simple event invitation but ensuring them that your brand has a worthwhile experience to offer. You can make your attendees feel like they’re on a cruise ship while virtually wearing a dress your brand is releasing. Make the experience as personalized as possible so they feel connected. They will naturally keep in touch with event organizers like you even days after your successful event. This can only be done through virtual reality and augmented reality events as developers and companies continue to expose its notable capabilities to connect people through the years.

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