Crowdfunding for events? Test event ideas risk-free with Crovento &

Unique ideas are worth a shot and Crovento can make them happen. So many event manager  drop their concept because they are too crazy or they don’t have the budget for them.  We believe that it shouldn’t be that way. With Crovento you let your future guest decide! At Eventor we always trive to make our client’s dreams come through by providing a smooth experience during the event. With Crovento event organizors can test their wildest ideas and make them the ultimate experiences.

Get to know Crovento

Crovento is a crowdfunding platform that allows ideas, events, and experiences happen in a risk-free manner. Events simply get validated by the community through tickets pre-sale. If you reach your funding goals, your investors become your guests.

Only when your minimum goal is reached, the attendees are charged, tickets are delivered and funds are released to the organizers. Otherwise, there are no changes made or loses for both the organizers and the event attendees.

This breakthrough aspires to reduce the common risks in fundraising, production, expenses, and other event planning activities that most event organizers struggle with. It’s a problem that has been existing but Crovento finally made it their duty to provide a win-win and breakeven solution.  

Two heads are better than one

It’s not a coincidence that and Crovento believe in the same notion. Everyone needs a chance even more so ideas need to get the same chance. Truthfully, all that we have invented and currently using to our advantage started as ideas. From the Internet to the skyscrapers, planes, and automobiles. We connect with people worldwide and build a strong community that shares the same goals and values. Isn’t it exciting to think how farther we’d go in the future knowing we could give ideas a try without losing a battle? Exactly. That’s why together with Crovento, we’re focus on building a better environment for event planner. An environment where they can experiment and at the same time rely on technology to open new opportunities. Therefore, a sweet spot for those who wish to create experiences that make living worthwhile.

No idea is impossible as long as the event community approves

Anyone with a creative and innovative mind has the power to make a change. When you have that idea, it fuels up the vessel to keep running surmounting boundaries. This is what trailblazers aim for– to empower ideas, events, and experiences that society seeks and supports. To create an impact in the safest and most convenient way possible expanding horizons, engaging communities and meeting new people all at once. Before an event comes to life, the processes it has to undergo takes a while and sometimes its success isn’t guaranteed. Today, that’s about to change if you only allow yourselves to join us.  While Crovento brings experiences and events come to life, makes event organizers life easier to perform and manage.

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