Event Analytics Tools for Professional Event Organizers

You might have an idea of how successful businesses maintain engaging marketing strategies. But you might have missed that they put all the effort into knowing their market, target audience and their preferences through data gathering and event analytics. It’s true companies come up with an informed decision after a careful review of quality data. They begin to implement data-driven strategies and it’s now time for event organizers to acknowledge this trend.

Event Organizers and the truth about Event Analytics

Collecting data can be challenging but it is straightforward. The first thing you have to do is make sure you know what tools to use for data gathering. Since events are the best fit for this, you can start with an event planner app. Basically, the app helps you gather basic guest information such as name and contact details. It then gives an overview of how many attendees showed up and determines who they are. Aside from that, you can still use these data to connect and keep in touch with your attendees.

If you haven’t used any event management apps before, then it’s not too late to give Eventor app a try. This doesn’t only allow you to remove paper-based event registration but keeps and retrieves the data you need that is crucial and useful for event planning.

For instance, big names such as Bulgari and Giorgio Armani already enjoyed the uncrowded event entrance thanks to our Eventor app. Event managers can easily keep a record of the people who showed up, the time they arrived, the number of RSVPs, contact information, additional guests, and those who didn’t arrive at the event. Without this data, reaching out, monitoring and tracking loyal customers and prospects will surely be difficult. The good news? Eventor seamlessly allows everything to be exported to your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems no matter what it is. To export successfully, here’s how to do it.

Maintaining Customer Relationship with a smart CRM tool

The next thing you have to know is to choose the right CRM. The Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) s a tool used to manage customer relationship through acquiring up to date and relevant data. A smart CRM processes the data into useful information used in decision making.  This is crucial as a decision will either make or break a business. Below are some examples of CRM tools for event analysis and a brief preview of each. 

Salesforce - Cloud Computing Solutions for Every Business

With over 150,000 customers worldwide, Salesforce remains a robust cloud-based CRM software that continues to grow small and large-scale businesses. Offering various solutions, this CRM software gives you that ease to manage customer reports and carry out workflows. From sales, service, marketing, and commerce, it allows a convenient tracking of data and forecasting revenues.

If finding a powerful CRM, Salesforce is the one as it features account and contact management, opportunity management and score, lead management, sales data, sales forecasting, real-time visibility, drag-and-drop interface, visual workflow, lead assignment, and routing, just to name a few.

Aside from that, it covers real-time customer support, monitors engagement and creates a one-on-one marketing journey for both existing and prospect customers. There’s no need for an IT expert but it is recommended to undergo training beforehand.

World’s #1 most used CRM according to IDC, Worldwide Semiannual Software Tracker

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 - The next generation of Business Applications

Who would miss Microsoft Dynamics 365 as an all in one business management solution? Microsoft released two versions of this, one for SMEs and an Enterprise edition for large-scale businesses. We all know how flexible Microsoft is when it comes to targeting crucial areas from sales, customer and field service, finance and operations, retail, marketing, mixed reality, and even artificial intelligence.

To know more how to use this to monitor event analytics, check out their software overview and pricing plans here.

microsoft dynamics 365
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Batchbook - Small Business CRM

The Batchbook CRM is perfect for small and mid-size businesses who aim to build a strong customer relationship without taking out a large expense. Basically, this one efficiently organizes and imports contacts, easily manage sales-related information, and allows smooth collaboration at a fair price.

Knowing how event analytics is crucial for decision making, Batchbook gives you that ease to sort, track, categorize, and save those data to a cloud constantly. Save time searching through thousands of data with its dynamic contact lists. When a certain contact fits a criterion, it is automatically added to a list. Whereas, if not, it is removed automatically. With or without your attention, this gives you an up-to-date list that you always need.

Know what features small and mid-sized businesses love about them

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Free CRM for Small Businesses - Hubspot CRM

Who would have known we can still find a free CRM plan today? Take a look of how the basic features of Hubspot CRM work from the inside by signing up to their free plan which stays free without a time period. 

Write relevant and up-to-date emails while accessing a helpful sidebar on your screen with the related customer information such as communication history, last activity and a lot more. Enjoy the basic features such as lead analytics dashboard, lead flows, collected forms, contact activity, contact management, contact & company insights.

Source: Hubspot

It’s free and you can give their basic features a try here.

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The Takeaway

With the rapid changing of technology, even organizations have to catch up and use these event management apps and CRM software to an advantage. Moreover, if you think about it, event registration is not just for the sake of formality but rather a first step to reaching out, engaging and building a trustworthy customer relationship. It’s a win-win situation if you provide the right service for the right people with the help of event analytics. Choose your weapons above and turn your events unforgettable. 

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